Part Time Firefighter I and II, EMT, Advanced EMT or Paramedic

1787 N. DIXIE HWY.
LIMA, OHIO 45801
(419) 221-0550


Part Time Firefighter I and II, EMT, Advanced EMT or Paramedic


The Bath Township Fire Department is seeking individuals to fill part-time positions. 12 & 24 hour shifts available as well as off duty call in for 2nd alarm emergencies and station backfill. There is a 1-year probationary period. If interested, pick up an application packet at:

1787 N. DIXIE HWY.
LIMA, OHIO 45801


  • Flexible schedule based around your availability
  • Hourly rate according to your certifications
  • Approximately 1700 calls annually
  • Diverse 36 square mile service are including residential, commercial, & industrial
  • Special events such as parades, public relations, and stand bys, all paid
  • Special Operations Team conducting rope, confined space, and technical rescue
  • Time & 1/2 on all holidays (12 paid holidays)
  • Time & 1/2 for all 2nd alarm or higher call ins and off duty call backs
  • All gear, uniforms, and equipment provided
  • Ability to attend conferences seminars, and training workshops
  • Assigned a seated position on a first out engine company
  • Excellent experience to build your resume
  • State of the art equipment and apparatus
  • Comprehensive new hire orientation
  • Positive work environment
  • Tobacco free workplace


  • 18 years of age
  • Valid Ohio driver’s license
  • State of Ohio EMT Basic certification (or higher)
  • State of Ohio Firefighter I certification and ability to obtain Firefighter II within 24 months (employer paid)
  • Candidates with Fire only or EMS only certification will be considered.
  • Must pass CPAT or Firefighter Mile physical agility test
  • Successful completion of background check, both driving and criminal
  • Pass drug screening and medical evaluations

Bath Township Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer and is a drug-free workplace.

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Intermittent Firefighter / EMTPOSITION DESCRIPTION

CLASS TITLE:(Part Time) Firefighter/EMT or Paramedic
WORKING TITLE(S):Firefighter/EMT or Paramedic
FLSA STATUS:Non-exempt

In addition to the following, performs other related duties as required.
Under direction, performs fire prevention, suppression, and rescue activities; performs emergency or other medical care functions; cleans, repairs, and maintains facility and equipment; prepares records and reports; performs public relations activities.

Any combination of training and work experience, which indicates possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities, listed below.  An example of an acceptable qualification for this position is:
High school diploma or GED; must be at least 18 years of age; must reside, or be willing to relocate, in Allen County, Ohio or adjacent county. Must possess Ohio Firefighter Level I or II certification and a valid Ohio driver’s license.  Must possess state certification as an EMT or Paramedic.

For purposes of 42 USC 12101.

  1. Performs fire prevention, suppression, and rescue activities; responds to fire alarms; makes openings in burning buildings for ventilation and entry; lays and connects hose lines; operates nozzles directing water streams; operates portable chemical fire extinguisher, axes, claw tools, and other equipment; performs salvage operations at fire scenes (e.g., covering furniture, mopping floors, cleaning debris, etc.); drives and operates all vehicles (e.g., pump and ladder trucks, aerial bucket truck, automobiles, etc.); operates fire suppression equipment; raises and climbs ladders; prevents the spread of fire and protects property from water damage; tests fire hydrants for flow, pressure, condition, accessibility, and location; assumes command of fire or emergency scene in absence of an officer (e.g., evaluates situation, determines appropriate methods and procedures to be used, directs and coordinates activities of firefighters and other agencies on scene, etc.); administers pre-fire planning program (e.g., pre-attack plans, target hazards, etc.); communicates with dispatcher and safety personnel in person and via two-way radio.
  2. Performs emergency or other medical care functions; responds to rescue calls; operates ambulance and provides emergency medical treatment to injured and ill persons (e.g., provides bandaging, administers oxygen and CPR); immobilizes fractures and administers other first aid procedures; removes persons from emergency situations; administers IVs; assists in childbirth; utilizes blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, IV kit, backboards, and other related equipment; monitors and interprets EKGs; defibulates cardiac patients; inserts EOA and ET tubes; administers medication; monitors cardiac telemetry; maintains radio communication with hospital; performs all duties according to certification standards as set forth by the State of Ohio.
  3. Cleans, repairs, and maintains facility and equipment; checks equipment and performs tasks to ensure proper operation of emergency and firefighting equipment (e.g., tests pumps, fire hose, ambulance equipment, etc.); checks, fills, and changes oxygen cylinders; checks and maintains oxygen masks; conducts equipment inventory as needed; works at a desk and answers telephone/radios; performs general yard work around station (e.g., mows grass, trims shrubs, shovels snow, etc.); cleans and maintains dormitory area, garage, and offices.
  4. Prepares and submits records, reports, or other documentation as required (e.g., fire reports, EMS run reports, inspections, medications administered, etc.).
  5. Performs public relations activities; inspects residential, commercial and other buildings for hazards with corrective measures being issued, as well as fire pre-planning; takes an active part and participates in public education programs; communicates with citizens in the public when required; conducts station tours and lectures as required.
  6. Must demonstrate regular and predictable attendance; attends professional education and training sessions, seminars and workshops, as assigned; maintains required licenses and certifications.

Performs other duties, as required.

Necessary to perform duties (* indicates developed after employment).
Knowledge of:  fire suppression and prevention techniques and equipment; fire safety and enforcement laws; emergency medical treatment/paramedic techniques and equipment; safety practices and procedures; geographic layout of Township; public relations; building maintenance and repair procedures; equipment and vehicle repair procedures.

Skill in:  tracing a fire from its origin; operation of emergency vehicles, equipment, and instruments; operation of aerial ladder, pumps, and other fire suppression equipment; computer operation.

Ability to:  recognize life threatening and emergency situations and take appropriate action; exercise sound judgment; carry out instructions in written, oral, picture, or schedule form; cooperate with co-workers on group projects; develop and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, media, general public, and other safety officials; demonstrate physical fitness; work under hazardous and stressful conditions; diagnose equipment malfunctions and take appropriate corrective action; communicate effectively; prepare and deliver speeches and presentations; prepare and maintain accurate documentation.


Hazardous materials monitoring equipment, pump and ladder trucks, aerial bucket trucks, automobile, fire suppression equipment, portable chemical fire extinguisher, axe, claw tools, fans, computer, office equipment, and any other related equipment.


State of Ohio motor vehicle operator’s license; Ohio Firefighter Level I or II, and Ohio EMT or Paramedic with related certifications.

This position description in no manner states or implies that these are the only duties and responsibilities which may be performed by the position incumbent. The incumbent will be required to follow the instructions and perform duties required by the Township Fire Chief and/or Trustees.

Bath Township Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer and is a drug-free workplace.

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