Ask a Firefighter

Is it ok for me to burn trash or brush in my yard?
Answer: Not exactly. although the Ohio Fire Code permits a limited amount of open burning when all guidelines are met, the Ohio EPA restrictions make most open burning in residential areas illegal. If we receive a complaint about the smoke from the fire we will respond and may extinguish the fire. Open burning for the purpose of waste disposal is absolutely not permitted.


How many full-time employees does the Bath Township Fire Department have?
Answer: Ten employees: nine full-time firefighter/paramedics and one full-time fire chief. We also have twenty part-time firefighters and a part time secretary. Our Fire Inspector is also a fulltime employee splitting his time between duties at the fire department and his duties as the Bath Township Zoning Inspector.


What is the advantage of having full-time Fire and EMS personnel?
Answer: Full-time staff on duty at the fire station eliminates the time it takes to assemble a crew of volunteers before responding to a call. Prior to 2005, volunteers responded from home or work to the station to drive apparatus to an emergency. This often caused delays and sometimes there were not enough available personnel to handle the calls. Also, having full-time staff has allowed us to expand other programs including hydrant maintenance, fire prevention/public education, personnel training, and fire inspections.


Whatever happened to the volunteers?
Answer: Many of the former volunteers are still a very important part of our daily operations. They have been transitioned to part-time employees who are paid an hourly wage. Our full-time personnel can handle most routine EMS house calls, small fires, and routine calls for service. The part-time employees are called in for back-to-back EMS calls, motor vehicle crashes, structure fires, calls where more than one piece of apparatus is needed, as well as for medical assistance such as cardiac arrests, serious trauma calls, etc. The part-time employees are called upon for hundreds of emergencies each year. Bath Township Trustees continue to look for ways to improve and enhance our staffing program to provide adequate personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Why do I sometimes see a second truck responding with the ambulance?
Answer: Depending on the nature of the EMS call received, we occasionally respond a second unit (if staffing is available) to assist the crew with lifting and patient care. Also, if the patient is trapped in a vehicle or other machinery, additional rescue tools are often needed which are not carried on the ambulance.


Is it possible to tour the Bath Twp. Fire Station?
Answer: Yes, we prefer that groups schedule a tour by calling (419) 221-0550. However, residents are always welcome to visit the fire station anytime.


How many calls does the Bath Twp. Fire Department respond to annually?
Answer: We average between 1,750 and 1,800 calls annually. This includes all types of fires, hazardous conditions, EMS calls, motor vehicle crashes, fire alarms, and public service calls.


Why do you block traffic lanes at auto accidents?
It’s for the safety of our personnel and our patients. Blocking extra lanes keep our personnel safe when they go back to our apparatus to get more equipment, and it helps protect the victim we’re trying to stabilize. We try to do this quickly and get the road open as soon as possible.


Do you fill swimming pools?
Answer: We are sorry, but the Bath Twp. Fire Department does not fill swimming pools. You will have to contact the City of Lima’s Utilities Department at 419-221-5252 for more information.


Do you give away free smoke alarms?
Answer:  We have partnered with the American Red Cross to make smoke alarms available free of charge. Just call: 1-844-207-4509.


Do you provide non-emergent EMS transports to nursing homes or doctor offices?
Answer:  No, we only operate 911 based EMS service. We don’t transport anywhere but to the hospital emergency room.


How can I obtain a green reflective address sign for my house?
Answer:  These signs are available to Bath Township residents by calling 419-221-1797. The cost is only $15.00.